May 6, 2016

Tesla Motors: Review Part 1

About Tesla

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport.

Tesla Motors. It’s not a household name yet, but just wait. It’s making gigantic leaps in the automotive industry, mainly with electric cars that are better than gasoline-powered cars. Founded in 2003 by a group of engineers, its first masterpiece, the Roadster, set new standards across the board for electric versatility.

In 2012, Tesla introduced the world’s very first electric sedan: Model S. Now the world’s families can travel in a spacious occupant cabin with room for 7 people. A flat battery pack sits below the cabin allowing the car to be handled smoothly—even when driving 265 miles per charge.

In 2014, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk revealed two dual motor all-wheel drive configurations: the 85D high efficiency motor and the P85D efficiency front motor with rear motor super accelerator.

Tesla is preparing to launch a new model worldwide: Model X. Its sleek design and jaw-dropping performance features falcon wing doors and three rows of seating. It’s no question Model X is set to blow away any possible competition from the supercharged electric car network.

Tesla Motors has set itself apart in many ways including allowing its owners to charge the car at home—never having to visit a gas station or spend money on fuel. Its worldwide expansions range from the Netherlands to California, improving the way we view travel and reducing energy costs for businesses and customers alike.

Mission Statement

The mission of Tesla Motors is to accelerate the arrival of sustainable with mass market electronic cars. Tesla is not just an automaker, but also a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation.  As a startup company that had never built a car, it was economically impossible. to build the cars they wanted and make them affordable to the average person. Instead, they built a luxury electric car. But change is coming. Soon gasoline alternatives will be the normative way of traveling and completely affordable for the standard driver.


Tesla Motors intends to develop new products that are not only environmentally responsible, but also more affordable. When Tesla first released the Tesla Roadster, its intent was to use the profits to fund a more affordable model, and it accomplished that in building the $89k family sedan.

They’re currently investing in a third model, the Model X which will be even more affordable for the average consumer to purchase.

Tesla’s distribution plays a key part in their alliances and growth. The most important inbound logistics are that Tesla manufacturers everything on-site. All components are produced in their facility in Northern California. They distribute their cars across 18 different countries, without any car dealerships or salesmen. Every reservation is made online where the customer builds their car.

Tesla has invested in product development by eliminating the two main problems associated with electric vehicles—battery disposal and power plant emissions thereby ridding the potential skeptic of any reason not to buy.