April 7, 2016

Buying my first Harley Davidson: a customization bucket list

I bought my first motorcycle EVER and I knew when I was making the decision, that I wanted a reliable, proven brand to get my hard-earned money. I researched Harley Davidson® extensively. From countless documentaries, YouTube videos, riding different models, talking to other HOGs, I decided Harley was for me. But I was torn. There are several models that caught my eye:


Harley Davidson 48 Sportster (a friend had one and I loved it)


The bike looks amazing, and has just as many customizing options as the Iron 883, however it’s 2,000 more expensive and a 1200 CC engine. I didn’t think it would fit my 5’2’’ frame, and I didn’t have the money for it at the time.


Harley Davidson Iron 883 (because of all the customization available)

This became too expensive of an option. If I wanted to go the customizing route, I had to find something cheaper. Eventually, I think this will be my next bike. I’m in love with the frame, the sound, and the amount of customization that you can do with it. I just don’t have the funds to sink into it right now.


Harley Street XG 500 (smaller more urban bike, not as expensive)

Complete with a 3.5 gallon tank and a liquid-cooled Revolution X V-Twin engine, I instantly knew this was the bike for me. It’s fairly new to the Harley market and so not a lot of customization has been offered for it yet—a plus for me because I can truly make it my own without having to rely on other bikes for inspiration. I find it within myself. Essentially, I’m going to make myself in bike form.

Street 750_11

So here’s my bucket list for customizing my 2016 Harley Davidson Street XG 500:


  • Mini ape hangers or clubman bars—an $89 investment or a $199 value.
  • Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Elite Performance Air Cleaner Kit—a $399 investment.
  • Black Diamond Solo Spring Saddle—a $299 investment.
  • Edge Cut Hand Grips—a $89 investment.
  • Short-stem round mirrors—a $59 investment.
  • Screamin’ Eagle Nightstick 2-Intake Muffler—a $349 investment.
  • Custom paint—depends on what I want done.


I may get all things from my local Harley dealership, but I’ve also found things I like from Tuffside. They hand make everything, and they’re just as pricy as Harley.


I really like the old café style bikes, but I also like the rough dirt bike look of the vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles from World War 2.HD_Liberator


If I have unlimited spending potential for this bike, there’s a lot I would do to it. That’s one thing people can never do is leave their Harleys stock. My plan is to get started once summer is over. That way, the months it’s too chilly to ride, I can spend time customizing and building the bike I’ve always wanted.


So what do you think of my plan? Let me know in the comments section if you have any resources or other ideas for me!